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    • I am completely aware of all the risks involved in the sport: KITEBOARDING/WAKEBOARDING/SURFING/STAND UP AND PARAGLIDING and that there is the possibility of additional risk if the equipment does not function properly.
    • I indemnify the owner(s) of PiliPili Extreme Sport from any and all claims, notions, suits procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including lawyer’s fees arising out of, connected with or resulting from participation in the event.
    • I understand and accept that intense physical and mental exertion may occur during the course of the instruction/lessons/event and therefore I further warrant that I have no medical or mental condition or complaints that in any way may endanger myself or others during or after participation in the event.


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    PiliPili Xtreme Sport Centre

    FNB Acc: 62467876614

    Branch: 210214

    Ref: your Name.

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